About School

Nepal Model School (NMS) prides itself on the standard and quality of its academic programmes, dedication and professionalism of its faculties, the unwavering enthusiasm of its students and untiring support from parents and community members.

The school was initiated in 1998, as Clinton International School, with a few students and staff. Due to an overwhelming support, dedication and enthusiasm from its parents, staff and students, and a clear vision of its cofounders, the school now has almost six hundred students and has over fifty staff.

The school is located at the heart of the country’s capital city, yet in a serene and beautiful environment in Basundhara, Kathmandu, quite a distance away from city’s crowd, noise and distraction.

The school currently runs classes from Nursery to grade 10 where the pupils are facilitated in an individualized approach and are provided with sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills to achieve their true potential.

The school adopts the national curriculum specified and prescribed by the Government of Nepal. However, there are certain programmes, both co-curricular and extra-curricular added to support in the holistic development of its pupils. With its state of the art facilities for academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the school aims to offer a pleasant, safe and nurturing environment for its learners.

NMS Vision

NMS vision is to be a nationally recognized private boarding school for its supportive and innovative academic programmes that empower each student to achieve his or her full potential.

NMS Mission

NMS mission is to deliver a quality education to a diverse, intercultural group of students in a nurturing environment of creativity and discovery, which inspires a passion for learning, fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity, and teaches responsible, global citizenship through collaboration between the home and school community.


Faculty members

Qualified, professional and dedicated teachers are the great asset of Nepal Model School. Majority of the teachers are promoters themselves who are professional academicians, book writers, trainers and academic leaders. They are further boosted up and up dated with different trainings, workshops and peer learning.

Instructional aids

Diverse, innovative and scientific methodologies of modern pedagogy are abundantly used. Audio-visual classes, E-class, use of multimedia, projector, TV and other various practical teaching materials are adequately used and updated.


Students at NMS can access and consult a wide range of collections: textbooks, reference books and materials, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, research papers, journals etc. on a regular basis in order to enhance their intellectual horizon and develop self-reading habit from its resourceful library.


The school has a well-equipped science lab that supports to the students to translate their theoretical knowledge in their practical life. Besides, the NMS Science Department has developed its own Science Practical Book from grades VI-X including all practical problems of each level. In addition to this, the school has well-furnished computer lab with 24 hour unlimited and free internet access to the students besides computer practical classes as required by the students. Moreover, the school has a working plan to develop mathematics and English language laboratories in future.

Regular Assessment System

Besides 3 Terminal and 3 Mid Terminal examinations in an academic session, students at NMS practise different dimensions of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English and Nepali language subjects. Book Review; one English and one Nepali each in every Terminal Examination, is mandatory. In case of non-language subjects, Individual and Group Projects are to be carried in each Terminal Examination and the grades received by students are added in the Final results.

Special Handwriting Class

Writing legible and attractive handwriting is a great achievement of student learning. NMS offers a special extra handwriting class both English and Nepali from expert trainers to its students from grade one to grade ten without additional charge.

Remedial class

In case the students fail to carry on their everyday responsibilities and tasks properly such as incomplete assignment, delayed submission of the given task, unsatisfactory academic performance, they are referred to remedial class as per the nature and level of their problem in order to inculcate in them the importance of sincere and timely accomplishment of their task or meeting deadline.

Extra and co-curricular activities

The school adopts innovative, scientific and practical method of knowledge generation, transformation and actualization are ensured through frequent field visit, research work, book review, article review, projects works, excursions, tours and alike as an integral part of students’ every day learning.

Equally, ECA plays a significant role in shaping students’ physical fitness and mental sharpness that is inevitable to explore the hidden potential, creativity and physical strength of the students. All possible indoor and outdoor games are conducted on a regular basis in coordination of the sports supervisor and members of different sports club.

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